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Why Schools need school management software - SchoolPRO

School is an influential part of our society, its help to young generation realize their dream and making them an important part of our society. A school is also responsible for the student’s growth to help them in developing various skills while imparting knowledge and self-confidence.

This makes it necessary to have the best managing tool as part of the school. For a successful school, schools have needed a School Management Software, which will automate your school’s operation. School Management Software is developed for managing of school effectively paperless work.

Best School Management Software

School Management Software is used by the schools to manage all day by day activities, information regarding the student. Parents, teachers, student, staff and other are used this platform for communicating and perform a task.

Why Schools need school management software?

School Management software is a helping to keeping all information related to other departments of a school in one place. This system is preferred amongst school as it provides them with an error-free system and does not require updating. School Management Software helps schools function more productively.

Schools are facing some problem like communication, fees, exam, accounts and many more, in all these problems solving used school management system software.

Main reasons to detect why school need to School Management Software:

1. Communication Gap - School Management Software:

Communication Gap between Teachers, Parents, and Students is one the serious issue facing the schools. Effective communication is crucial for the academic performance of the student, but a lot of schools failed successful communication between parents, teachers, and student. Due to this reason, the parents do not have clear performance and progress of their child.

A School Management Software helps to effective communication. This time, everybody is connected to mobile and any information got may quickly use chat & message. This avoids phone call and saves time.

2. Academic Solution - School Management ERP:

Student information present quickly is a very difficult task for teachers and administrator. School Management Software's academic solution is to provide basic information of student include student & staff registration, id-card print, attendance, manage class, grade, holidays and subject.

This database is linked all of the student activities. This module is easily & quick show all the student information and save time.

3. Fees Submission - School Management Software:

Fees collection is always a very hard task for schools. It is not easy to collect and count money from every student. It is not easy to remember about fees like previous fees, refund fees, cheque status, fees receipt & more.

With a School Management Software, you have not faced in these problems. Such time taking activities can be solved instantaneously. Keep track of the past payment, previous due, cheque status history as well. By a software easily get fees information and save time.

4. Bulk Data Management- School Management ERP:

Collect entries record on school data is not easy but also impossible. The records are always increasing. Teachers and administrator deal hundred of student’s data every day. So keeping track all the records and secure all data is not an easy task in itself. It is not possible to recover all data by damage natural problem.

By School Management Software, bulk data management will become easy and simple. The administrator is easily deal with student’s data and they saved to own a lot of time. Its secured system and you will show previous data quickly.

5. Attendance Management - School Management Software:

Attendance management is usually a challenging job for teachers. It is required to all attendance records are managed in a paper. Teachers are confused a large number of records. Activities sorting by attendance and get a student attendance are not easy in the traditional attendance management system.

A School Management System Software is to solve all these issues. It offers a paperless attendance management system. It is a very easy way to maintain attendance and sort quickly.

6. Inventory Management- School Management ERP:

A school has a large number of assets like books, transport services and more. Manage is these assets are not easy. It is required a lot of effort and time properly maintain these assets. School Management Software has many modules, Inventory & Stock Management is one part of modules.

It can manage the library, bus etc. School Management System Software is reduced efforts and time for Inventory & Stock Management. It will keep track all inventory data history as well. Use software sort data and check a particular assets data.

7. Manage Exam & Result - School Management Software:

Organise an exam is required countless paperwork and planning. Due to taking time and paperwork is disturbing for teachers and administrator. The examination can be easily by using School Management Software. It keeps records securely for a long duration.

It will be safe by the natural problem and easily make admit cards. Design the examination records on paper it is not an easy task. It increases the responsibility of teachers and administrator. Which effect on students. Using the School Management Software m, the staff can easily create the result. Keep secure records and it has no chance of mistake.

8. Account Management - School Management ERP:

Accounting is difficult for all schools. Accounting is difficult for all schools. With manage school, manage all the accounts, journal, cash book, bank book, ledger, trial balance, and the balance sheet is a doubtful task for school accountant. A school has needed to easily manage all these accounts.

School accountant can skilfully manage all the accounts by using the account management module that is present in school management system software. It will be used to manage quickly all the school's account and it is a time-saving process.

9. HR & Payroll Management - School Management Software:

Teacher salary decide is very easy but decide all about salary is like increment, leave allotment, laps, advance, balance, salary statement is difficult. School management software solves all these problems related to salary by using HR & Payroll Management module.

School management software is easily deciding salary of teachers. It will instantly show all report of a teacher like a salary, leaves, balance, advance salary, past salary, increment, salary process, loan.

10. Library Management - School Management ERP:

Books are important for the school and library to have many books available. These books have managed is an arduous task for the librarian. Many students had to do issued books, remember those books details and issue date is not easy.

But Library management module of school management software provides information on book registration, library member, id-card, supplier, book issue, reissue return, discard books. Teachers and administration easily get information.

11. Hostel Management - School Management Software:

Some schools have provided hostel facilities for students. In this behalf, Hostel management module helps to manage hostel. it will manage floor master, room category, room charges, and hostel expenses. It also provides parents with info of their child.

12.Time – Table Manage - School Management ERP:

One you have set up the subject or courses of your year group and your level. You can make a school’s schedule easily. School Management Software's Time - Table Manage module is show time - table, class time - table, daily time - table and teacher task. You can tell your system how many times each of that course get taught.

13. Director and Principal Management:

Principal and director hold reports of all the students. For the student information Director & principal module is available. this system tells you student information, exam report, fees, attendance, fees status, exam status, and student activities. Whereby principal got knowledge of their student and they will contact their parents.

14. Teacher Panel - School Management Software:

Teacher panel module is used for SMS, attendance and student leave acceptance. For a successful student is important communication with student, teacher, and parents.

Teacher panel is used to send an urgent message and immediately contact with parents. The teacher can also use parents messaging to send the message of the whole class student making the communication process efficient.

15. Visitor And Purchase Management:

school management system has two modules. First, Visitor Management, this module provides visitors, visitors review and incoming calls. Director and Principal are easily shown who visits in school.

Second, Purchases Management, this module shows what is purchase in school. We will show purchase ledger, purchase, purchase return, purchase register. It shows all the cash payment and checks the previous payment.

Conclusion - School Management Software

School Management Software is very important to use because it saves time and money of the school and administration. This concept has gained good popularity in the education industry. Easy to record all data.

"Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.” Paul Hawken

The school management system increases the productivity of a school by automating several. It is an interactive platform for all the entities of School like Teachers, Management, Financial Department, Students, Parents, and Librarian etc.

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