SchoolPro - Transport Module

Transport Module is used to manage vehicles and their routes, maintenance and expenses with vehicles of school. You can takes many reports route wise, stopage wise etc.

Transport Module Description

  • Vehicle Detail (Reg. No., Model, Insurance, Seating Capacity)
  • Driver & Route allocation to Vehicles
  • Stopage and its fare and pick drop timings
  • Vehicle or Route wise Student List
  • Vehicle Wise Income and Expenses Analysis
  • Vehicle Route Wise Fee Due & Collection Register
  • Route Wise Total Student List
  • Class Route Stoppage List
  • Transport Module
  • Stopage Master
  • Route Master
  • Vehicle Master
  • Driver's Information
  • Bus Expenses Entery
  • Route & Stopage List
  • Vehicle Expenceses Ledgers
  • Route wise Student List
  • Route wise Stopage List
  • Route/Stopage/Bus wise Student List
  • Transport Fee Collection & Due List
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