SchoolPro - Library Module

Library Module is a barcode based library management software. Where you can record all books as per proper international library rules, Acc. No., location, ClassNo., with Barcoded taged books. Issue and receive transactions are also based on barcode.

Library Module Description

  • Member Category (Student, Staff, Outsider)
  • Masters - Publishers, Author, Book TItle, Journal Publisher, Editor, Journal Etc
  • Bar Coded Book Label Generation
  • Book Stock Inward Receipt/Generation
  • Book Issue and Receive as Per Parameters Auto Controlled
  • Book Collection (With Fine if Applicable)
  • Readout & Discard Books
  • Journal Issue, Re-Issue & Return
  • Finding System For Lost, Delayed, And Damaged Book
  • Book Enquiry By Author, Title, Subject
  • Book Stock, Issue, Receive Register
  • Fine Collection/ Due Register
  • Bar-Coded Book Label Printing
  • Library Module
  • Add/Delete Books
  • Add/Delete Library Member
  • Library Journal Master
  • Book Issue
  • Book Receive
  • Library Readout Books Report
  • Library Discarded Books Report
  • Receive Late Fine
  • Search a Book
  • Books List
  • Member List
  • Book Due Register
  • Book Received Register
  • Book Stock Register
  • Barcode Tag Printing
  • Library Stock Checking
  • Library Journal Arrival List
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