SchoolPro - Academic Module

Academic Module covers all the basic information about the students, Class. Like student particulars, their grades, schedules, address, parents' information, disciplinary records, extra-curricular activities, and any reports, anytime.

Academic Module Description

Student Management
  • Manage Admission, Enquiry.
  • Quick Registration/Admission [A separate Registration form where you fill in only compulsory fields]
  • Add details of Student and Parents with Image/Photos.
  • Search Students [Type whatever – Name of the student,Reg. No, Class, Section]
  • Document Handling
  • Print I-Card with Bar-coded of Students
  • Subject allocation to student (Optional/Compulsory Subjects)
  • Attendance Management with Biometric system for Student
  • Transfer and Character Certificate
  • Reports on Students Birthday, Deposited Documents Irregulatity.
  • Send birthday notifications and Attendance Summary via SMS
  • Around Thousands of Reports Under This Section – Out of Them, Most of The Reports – You May Create Yourself
Class Management
  • Class & Section Definition
  • Fee Structure Definition
  • Subject allocation to Class
  • SchoolPro ERP
  • Academic Module
  • Admission Form
  • Student Monthly Attendance
  • Student List
  • Total Student List
  • Student Birthday List
  • Summarized Attendance Report
  • Student I-Card
  • Student I-Card
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